The journey began in October of 1997 over a pasta and clam dinner at Geronimos in Davie Florida. Sharing a meal were two strangers who would later become partners in a project that would ultimately change their lives forever. That project is the Film "531".

Rob Goodman had this dream of making his own film. Not necessarily a two hour full length feature film, but something that could showcase his talents as well as others. He knew that unless he could raise the funds to finance the film it would be entirely up to him. With this in mind, he wanted to keep the film simple but still be able to make a powerful statement of content and talent. So he came up with the concept of four actors in an enclosed area perhaps a room in an apartment, an elevator or a car, better yet a taxi cab.

He liked the cab idea, but now what? Lets combine four people in a cab and each one would enter with their own personal traumas. These dramas would collide and create an intense dramatic situation. Rob had one problem, he's not a writer. Rob needed an architect capable of transforming his fragmented idea into a solid blueprint filled with Plot, Characters, and Dialogue. So through a mutual friend, Rob Goodman, the Director, was introduced to Tom Brown, the Writer.

Rob pitched the idea to Tom. His contagious passion for this project spilled over and infected Tom who agreed to not only write the script but also Co-Produce the film. Together they formed Goodman Brown Productions and agreed to collaborate on the most gutwrenching, hairsplitting, backbreaking, agonizing, invigorating, frustrating, educational, and rewarding project of their lives called "531".

"531" is a juxtaposition between an inanimate object telling the story of an animated world. As Passengers come and go inside Taxi 531, little pieces of their lives are left behind. Whether it be a story, a memory, or an object , their brief encounter becomes another page in the infinite history of 531. In essence, 531 is an inanimate sponge that absorbs the little pieces of life left behind by the animated world that climbed inside.

So what began as a pasta and clam dinner has evolved into a priceless experience of loyalty, dedication and faith of all those involved. Rob Goodman, Tom Brown, the Cast and Crew are very proud to present their Film "531".